Cultural Change

I consider it necessary to promote a cooperating concept and joint action of cultural bodies in Burgenland for being able to stay (mentally) healthy in today´s social unrest and to serve as a role model for a healthy society inside and outside Burgenland.
I founded the movement/initiative “Cultural Change” in 2014 to approach overriding issues in a social-cultural manner with like-minded people and afterwards implement them with cooperation partners from the areas of culture, education, politics and economics.

Cultural change is based on three pillars:
Cultural Education – Social Leadership – Interculturality

Cultural education is implemented with the help of cultural projects with a holistic approach of social education. If we take a cultural-musical event, for example, not only the event itself would be the objective, but the integrated interventions to reach a certain vision and philosophy of the project. This requires executives, who promote and implement this project together with all its participants.
Social leadership does no longer allow leading as before. The structures of a company and of society have changed significantly and a rapid change cannot be stopped.
Now we need smart people and executives who are willing to accept this world in all its complexity and to create innovative concepts including everything that already exists.

The social skills of each individual and most of all of the executives form the basis of creating a platform where new paths may be developed with the help of an appreciative approach among each other for a mentally healthy society. This process shall include experienced and mature individuals from different fields as well as adolescents.
Interculturality is always with us – meanwhile every country is really and actively affected by it. The question however is, if it is recognized or ignored. It is nearly impossible to deal with interculturality unilaterally. The result would either be the loss of empathy or of our own population on-site. With the help of holistic concepts in society, culture and politics, it might be possible to develop a healthy path for all of us. This topic is issued in different international cultural projects.

Such a holistic concept that shall present this kind of healthy solution for our new intercultural society can be found under the working title “Intercultural Learning Community”. This visionary-conceptual work currently takes place only internally.

If you feel addressed by the movement Cultural Change and you want to become actively involved, you are invited to participate at a broader audience.